My Facebook Account is attacked by anonymous

Start from June 27, 2019, 9:30 PM (UTC/GMT +7 hours) my Facebook account is logged out section and I can’t use my account at all under profile Name: Bou Sopheaneak (ប៊ូ សុភានៈ). I try to reach the Facebook Help Center and submit all document, but the Facebook administration still shows one dialog as below.

I notice that my facebook account has some stranges action about 2 months ago but I don’t care about it because I think Facebook is not important from me (I mostly use facebook messenger for communication and work only).

Your Account Has Been Disabled

I did research about how to recover my profile back from disable, and try to upload the needed document to her but the Facebook system still no reply at all.

I hope I could get my Facebook messenger back to communicate with my friend and family as before along Facebook Profile Page.

If you all want to contact me for business purpose can call direct to me, email or go to Contact Me page


Bou Sopheaneak (ប៊ូ សុភានៈ)

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